Thursday, November 14, 2013

Free pattern: Basic Bulky Hat

Hi, crafters and creative people... I've been busy working on some new projects for my still-not-yet-open online shop. Don't worry, it should be here soon.

However, in the meantime I've also been crocheting some projects for my kids (and other people's kids). Yesterday I found myself with just the right amount of leftover bulky yarn to make a small something. I decided to turn it into a child's hat. Here's the pattern I came up with. I love it because it's easily adjustable to fit bigger or smaller sizes, and it takes less than an hour to complete. (See the notes below the pattern for instructions about size adjustment.) It would make a good quick last-minute project or stocking-stuffer kind of gift. It's also easy to embellish.

*Please note: I do not join or ss after each round. Just continue working in a spiral. You will want to use some kind of stitch marker to keep track of where your rounds start and stop. I like to use a piece of scrap yarn that's a different color from the one I'm working with.*

Basic Bulky Hat Pattern:
Using bulky yarn and size J/10 hook: ch 4, join to form ring.
Row 1: 2dc in ea st.
Row 2: (dc, 2dc) rep. around.
Row 3: (dc, dc, 2dc) rep. around.
Row 4: (dc, dc, dc, 2dc) rep. around.
Row 5: dc around, 2dc in every 8th st.
Row 6-10: dc in ea st around.
Row 11: hdc in ea st around.
Row 12: sc in ea st around. ss in last stitch and fasten off.

This should fit a child, ages 4-10 or so.

Size adjustments:
For a toddler/preschooler, eliminate row 5.
For a baby, eliminate rows 4 and 5.
For a teen/adult, add one more increase row between rows 4 and 5.

Hope you have fun crocheting.
Please respond here if you have any
questions or comments about this pattern.